Turf Troubles

One of my favorite hobbies is looking through realtor websites and looking at houses in random towns across the country. During downtime at work, I scroll through the listings in Newport, Rhode Island or Lincoln, Nebraska and pick and choose which houses look nice enough to give a cursory click-through of all the photographs.
I’ve always wondered what it was my brain was registering as I made snap judgements about the quality and character of a house viewing the thumbnail for a new listing. After deciding to do some actual analysis, I came upon a startlingly mundane but important conclusion – it was always about the landscaping.

For nearly any online listing of a property, the outdoor front shot is typically the leading photo and thumbnail, and boy do people not understand how important it is to keep their yards tidy and trimmed to maintain the value of their homes. Scrolling through listings, you can see wild plants taking over the yard space, junk strewn about, poorly constructed hardscapes jutting out through the weeds, and patchy, dying patches of grass shining like an awful beacon distracting you from an otherwise perfectly acceptable house.
That last feature is one that seems to be especially prevalent – while poorer and more rural areas understandably have less maintained landscapes, the dead and dying front lawn is regularly showcased in even higher-middle income neighborhoods. These homes can be otherwise beautiful and match my preferences exactly – the thing is, I would never know because I’ve already scrolled past the listing due to the ugly exterior.
This is an unfortunate state of affairs – it’s not like I’m an incredible gardener myself, and it’s not a huge investment to bring the lawn back to life. Oftentimes, it’s not even really the homeowner’s fault, as natural turf is notoriously difficult to keep alive and uniform even in the most bright and sunny environments.

So, let’s say you are a homeowner looking to sell their house and get out of the city, but your beautiful abode is not getting the attention you think it deserves due to some extremely stubborn grass refusing to take a hint and stay alive. What are your options?
Through my research on my own habits, one thing I’ve noticed is that artificial turf does not show through on listing thumbnails – all you can see is a beautiful and uniform green. I’ve noticed I actually like some types of turf much better than certain variants of natural grass, and definitely much better than alternatives like stones or clover.
For those homeowners who are tired of a lawn that just cannot regularly support life, whether you’re looking to sell or just to keep your yard looking tidy, artificial grass seems to be the way to go. Not only are you saving a ton of money and effort, it might even help you get your listing more attention when it comes time to put it on the market.
If you’re in southern California and are looking to get some of the fake stuff for your property, make sure to look up NoMow Turf. They’ve been providing O.C. grass installations for quite a few years now, including putting greens and for major commercial properties, so you can be assured they’ll get your yard exactly to your specifications.
Do not let your home get scrolled past like it’s on a dating app – call up NoMow Turf now and make sure buyers (and you!) see nothing but green.
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