Security Theater

We’re taking a short break from our regularly scheduled program to give you a quick look at some recent changes we’re being forced to make thanks to events up here in the bay area. The recent surge in property crimes here in our once beautiful northern California paradise has reached epidemic proportions, and despite city officials declaring it illusory, it doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing.
This is exemplified by the astronomical number of car break-ins. It’s become a fact of daily life that residents discover their car’s windows broken by transients and criminals sniffing for loot, so much so that they have begun just keeping windows rolled down so would-be thieves can just search the car for valuables without doing any excess damage.

The damage isn’t limited to car interiors, either – catalytic converters are regularly being cut out and stolen from hybrid vehicles all over the state. These thefts are especially damaging to the vehicle, as the thieves are usually not particularly delicate in the extraction and the replacement and repair can cost thousands of dollars for the unfortunate owner.
This increase in property crime is often well-organized by professional groups, rather than sporadic and opportunistic. Gangs of criminals are training and providing logistical support to groups who then target clothing retailers, supermarkets, vehicles, homes, and businesses of all stripes.
The current crime wave has forced many businesses, including our office, to significantly increase their investments in security systems. Cameras, electronic door locks, procedures, and alarm systems have become far more commonplace in cities where a padlock was usually considered adequate.
One of the hardest-hit industries in the current spree is the newly legalized cannabis distribution network. Cannabis still has a significant value on the street, and the businesses that deal with it are also forced to deal primarily in cash thanks to the legal grey area of their product.

Both of these factors make for a very attractive target in the eyes of organized criminal elements, and the weekly news reports of dispensary and growing operation robberies reflect that. Legal cannabis companies are now being forced to drastically step up their investments in security plans and systems in order to keep pace with the rising rates of burglaries and robberies.
It isn’t as simple as hiring more guards and installing new gates and entryways onto their property, however. These criminals are often coming in heavily armed and prepared for violence should the guards on duty be willing to stand up to them, which is bad news for companies who value peace, quiet, and no lawsuits from injuries and deaths on their property.
To best counter the rise in crime, you need to contact the experts in cannabis security. A well-drafted security plan doesn’t just help deter future crime, it will also assist in resolving any insurance claims for whenever your business does get targeted by the criminal element.
Norcal locals Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions, or C.C.S.S., has some of the most experienced security experts in the business. The team has decades of experience in the police force behind them, as well as exclusive access to some of the most cutting-edge developments in the security industry.
If you’re in the legal cannabis trade and you’re either tired of being targeted by the criminal element or frightened that it’s just a matter of time until you are, get in contact with CCSS. They’ll get your business a world-class security plan and system, and will assist in making sure you never get stiffed by your insurers if you do eventually become a target.
Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions