The Picturesque Office

It’s easy to know why we keep – or at least try to keep – our homes well decorated, clean, and tidy. Aesthetics in a living space keep one’s mind at ease, reduce stress, and release all kinds of feel-good hormones that keep us balanced and sane during our busy lives.
It’s logical to think that those same principles would apply to the workplace; after all, don’t you want your employees to remain unstressed and balanced during their time in the office? Unfortunately, this small leap in logic seems to elude them or they simply do not care, and the look and atmosphere of the offices they design reflect this.

The benefits of a well-designed office don’t stop at just keeping workers relaxed through the day, though. Decades of research have shown that most of the workplace design habits we fell into during the 70’s and 80’s were not just bad aesthetically, they actually limited productivity.
Who’d have thunk that large, barren rooms filled with dull grey and beige linoleum, fabrics, and paints, all lit by harsh fluorescent lights with almost all of the natural light blocked off or hogged by managers in closed offices would lower productivity? Greater access to plant life, fresh air, sunlight, brighter and more vibrant colors, and even art provide a boost in productivity for office workers who aren’t actively made miserable by their surroundings.

Creating a more aesthetically pleasing office also has the benefit of impressing both customers and suppliers who come to the office to visit. An open, welcoming environment filled with content employees can help weigh the scales in your favor during negotiations, while a drab and depressing environment can do the opposite.
There are some major differences between designing a home and designing an office, though. When designing your home, you can push the boundary much farther to the ‘decor’ side on the scale of decor versus function while still maintaining a comfy vibe.
With offices, there is a very thin line of acceptability on the scale where employees can feel relaxed and visitors can be wowed, but everyone who enters knows immediately that this is a place where work gets done. This is a difficult balance to achieve, and many businesses create either far too relaxed or far too rigid an environment for employees.
This is where experts like Creative Office Design come into play. Their professional designers work with each office manager in order to create their ideal aesthetic, including color schemes, furniture styles, and the layout of the building.

The company also supplies some of the best new and used office furniture available in Los Angeles, with stock from the most innovative brands in the industry. Once you have selected the aesthetic for your office, the team at Creative Office Design can then provide you with a huge selection of office furniture and equipment that can be customized to fit your color palette and style.
The benefits of a well-designed office are well-established; all that’s left is for you to take the plunge and create one for yourself. The fine team over at Creative Office Design is always available to help make your gorgeous office dream a reality:
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