Coronavirus Office Makeover

It goes without saying that a number of changes are going to be necessary in office culture and design as we go through the rollercoaster ride of reductions and flare-ups of the worldwide pandemic. Open concept workspaces and large employee gatherings in places like the rec room for celebrations of birthdays and anniversaries are, for the time being, ideas that are going to need to be shelved indefinitely.

For many of us, that means our entire office is going to need a significant makeover. Gone are the open spaces without dividers or walls, as they don’t afford the protection from the coughs and sneezes from a careless coworker. Coming is the inglorious return of the cubical and workspace divider.

The How-To Guide For Your Redesign

Workest recently posted a small guide for business owners who are trying to reopen their offices and get back some level of normal productivity. The guide provides some interesting tips on how to restructure your workspaces to ensure employees get the maximum level of protection possible:

“Many offices moved away from the “cubicle farm” layout to open concept workspaces. These areas may be particularly problematic to slow the spread of COVID-19. If you can’t get (or can’t afford to get) cubicles ordered, delivered, and installed ASAP, it may take some creativity to create safe distances…A good idea may be to make a rough sketch of the room and desk dimensions and draw out your options before you start moving furniture and rerouting wires. Room design templates are available on the internet to help.

If you can’t move furniture to separate employees, barriers between desks may be a solution. Large pieces of cardboard or wood placed between gaps could create a cubicle-like separation. Remember when you were a kid and hung a sheet between yourself and your sibling to get some privacy in your room?”

Well, who wouldn’t want to create forts all over their workspace, making it look like you’re operating in a dust bowl shantytown? Let’s be a bit more realistic here – if you’re considering taking the step to reopen your office, you’re going to need new furniture, and that includes paying for some cubicles.

The Solution

Luckily, you don’t need to pay out for a brand new just-off-the-assembly-line furniture set that can cost you thousands of dollars, you have the option of ordering a used set. This saves you time, money, and effort, as new furniture sets cost a fortune, takes weeks or months to arrive, and used furniture companies typically help their customers by setting up the furniture for them.

For our readers in the southern California area, one company we definitely recommend checking out is Creative Office Design, a company that sells the new and used cubicles and office dividers you’re looking for while also providing an office design expert that can plan out how to most effectively utilize your new furniture. This service allows you to get the most out of the new furniture set and takes the pressure of designing your new office space off of your shoulders.

If you are looking for the safest method of rearranging your office and need some new furniture in order to protect your employees, give Creative Office Design a call:

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