• Easy Gluten-Free Penne Alla Vodka

      Just because you’re eating gluten-free doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy pasta. And one of our favorite pasta dishes is Penne alla Vodka. This rich and delicious tomato based sauce is made with crushed tomatoes, fresh garlic, sautéed onion, and pancetta. Then simmered with a touch of cream and of course, vodka. It’s so delicious,

  • The Perfect Scottish Burns Night Dessert: Cranachan

      Known as the “King of Scottish Desserts”, Cranachan means “to churn” in Scottish Gaelic. This simple yet absolutely delicious dessert combines some of Scotland’s most treasured ingredients: delicious rich cream, toasted oats, Heather honey, fresh raspberries and of course, Scottish whisky. While the ingredients are few, this dessert evokes the heart and soul of


  • Introducing Penny Petersik!

    If you follow our Instagram stories, you’ve probably seen the news that we welcomed a new member of the Petersik family recently. But I wanted to take a moment to properly introduce her here on the blog. So… say hello to Penny! After Burger, our chihuahua of 15 years, passed away in October, we were wrecked. It was a huge loss for our family, and in the initial days after Burger’s passing we donated a ton of things he left behind (our vet was able to pass along his treats, food, crate, and heart medication to other dogs in need of those items). Of course we saved a few keepsakes like his collar and blanket, but we tucked them away in a box because we couldn’t bear to see “dog things” all over the house when the absence of his clicking paws and jingling collar felt so loud in our ears. Continue reading Introducing Penny Petersik! at Young House Love.

  • A Small Kids Bedroom With Lots Of Functional Storage That’s Built Right In

    When we thought about all the functions that would be helpful to have in our son’s bedroom, which can definitely be described as “cozy” when it comes to the size (real talk: this room is small), he needed: a bed to sleep in clothing storage book and toy storage out in the open some concealed storage for papers and other toys/games added bonus: a hangout-y lounge spot for reading or playing with his sister or a friend who comes over he also requested his own desk for drawing/homework/playing with magnets (yes, we have a current magnet obsession going strong right now) light | striped wall tutorial | closet baskets | toy baskets | brass shelf | piggy banks | quilt We definitely could have pulled the “your room is really small for a desk, not sure we can do that” card – but we thought it was worth a try thanks to the idea of customizing a built-in desk right next to the bed that could double as a nightstand. Continue reading A Small Kids Bedroom With Lots Of Functional Storage That’s Built Right In at Young House Love.

  • #182: A Big Catch Up Holiday-ish Special (Surprise!)

    So much has happened since we last picked up the podcast mic, so we have a jam-packed show to catch you up on all the things. We’re talking house updates, embarrassing stories, renovation plans, and we even worked in some bad metaphorical diagrams (because describing graphs and charts you can’t see always goes over well in an audio format). We’re also diving into how house projects have slowed down around here, the remaining projects on our list, and how our attitude towards having less on our to-do list has changed pretty dramatically over the years. Plus an impromptu musical exercise that captured our family’s contentment for living in a smaller home, and why Sherry can never show her face in one Florida city again. Also, a fun holiday game and the TV show we’ve been dying to tell you about. You can also find this episode on your favorite podcast listening app, like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher, and Spotify. Continue reading #182: A Big Catch Up Holiday-ish Special (Surprise!) at Young House Love.

  • How The Kitchen Changed With A New Door & Our Holiday Decor

    It’s wild to think that this is our second year of decorating this house for the holidays (what even is time?!) but first a ton of you were asking to see what happened to the kitchen side of the space once the new door went in. Our last post covered all the photos and angles of the new kitchen porch we created outside – just steps away from our cooking area inside. So let’s take a look at what went down inside. Here’s what the kitchen is looking like these days: table | chairs | sconces | pendant | floating shelves | wall shelf | hardware | cabinet color: SW Artsy Pink It’s always fun to rewind, so if we take a step back in time, this is the kitchen as it looked when we bought this house in Feb of 2020: We talked about our initial updates to the room waaaaay back in this post from May of 2020 (before we moved in). Continue reading How The Kitchen Changed With A New Door & Our Holiday Decor at Young House Love.