• Springtime And The Strawberry Festival At Peddler’s Village

      One of the greatest joys of spring is the bounty of red, ripe, and delicious strawberries. And Peddler’s Village, one of Pennsylvania’s most popular destinations, celebrates its annual Strawberry Festival during the month of May. At this colonial style village nestled in picturesque Bucks County, you’ll find a variety of strawberry-themed treats, food specials, and

  • Achieve Your Fitness Goals And Stay Motivated With The Future Coaching App

    Want to crush your fitness goals? Future is the perfect app to help you do it! Future pairs you with an elite personal coach and a custom workout plan to keep you on track! See our review!


  • Our Small But Mighty Kitchen Is Done!

    It may go down as our most gradual kitchen renovation ever, but almost exactly two years into living here (we hit that milestone last Saturday!), our kitchen is officially DONE! New cabinets? Check. Tiled backsplash to the ceiling? Yup. Quartz countertops and a sink that’s 3X deeper than the overmount sink of yore? Affirmative. similar pink plant pot | wavy white fruit bowl | toaster | hardware | backsplash tile New hidden range hood? You betcha. More functional storage in the form of additional drawers, new upper cabinets, and a generously sized pantry cabinet? Yessir. Tons of before & after photos? That’s what this post is for! Plus we’ve got a full budget breakdown for you. So in the illustrious words of Tiesto, let’s get down to business. table | chairs | wall shelf | hardware | woven pendant | bookshelf | fruit bowl | toaster | similar plant pot | coffee table To us (and maybe to you as well) this has felt like a very gradual transformation because we just sort of tweaked and adjusted things over the last two years in many small phases, rather than going through one mega-gut-renovation like our last house’s kitchen. Continue reading Our Small But Mighty Kitchen Is Done! at Young House Love.

  • A Beginner’s Guide To Pressure Washing (It’s Affordable, Simple, & So So Satisfying)

    We’ve mentioned how we use our pressure washer to revive various things around the house – like outdoor furniture and even an indoor rug – but we still hear from people who fear that it’s complicated to set up or expensive to buy or hard to control… and the good news is that it’s none of those things. So this post is a comprehensive start-to-finish guide for anyone who’s finally ready to get their pressure washing feet wet (maybe even literally). Pressure washing is an easy, affordable, and TOTALLY AWESOME way to keep your outdoor spaces looking fresh. So I’m walking you through everything from setting it up and turning it on, to where and how we use ours. It makes such an insane difference every spring, I’d even call it a DIY VIP. We were a bit intimidated the first time we tried pressure washing nearly 10 years ago. Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide To Pressure Washing (It’s Affordable, Simple, & So So Satisfying) at Young House Love.

  • Our Favorite Allergy-Busting Home Air Purifier

    You know I love writing a spare-no-details product review (like this one and this one), so when enough people pointed out that when they search the blog for info about our beloved air purifier, nothing really comes up, I thought… I shall remedy that today. I know. I’m a hero. I feel like I should also point out that we bought these ourselves with our own money and nobody at their company knows us from Adam. Sherry has always suffered from bad seasonal allergies, so we were thrilled to find a home air purifier that finally gave her the allergy relief that so many companies promise. The allergy difference that it makes for Sherry is night and day. So much so that when they were packed in the pod while we were moving she was like “WHY ARE MY ALLERGIES KILLING ME?!?!” and then we were like…. Continue reading Our Favorite Allergy-Busting Home Air Purifier at Young House Love.

  • How We Painted Our Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

    We’ve painted kitchen cabinets before. We’ve done Ikea kitchen cabinets before. But painting Ikea kitchen cabinets was a new combo move for us. And despite a nagging voice in our heads that asked if it was a bad idea (paint laminate? or slick factory finished cabinets?! can that even be durable?! ), we’re extremely happy with the final result. Plus, it was pretty easy to do – no paint sprayer or fancy equipment necessary! We’re about a month into using them every day and so far they’re holding up wonderfully. They’ve been scratched, scrubbed, kicked, and real-life tested by two kids and so far no scrapes, dings, or dents to report. They look as good as the day we freshly painted them, and as smooth as factory-made Ikea cabinets – so we’ll share how we got such even coverage. Continue reading How We Painted Our Ikea Kitchen Cabinets at Young House Love.