• Pre-Workout Power Smoothie Recipe

      Do you feel like you’re dragging during your workouts? Chances are you’re not eating enough to give your body the fuel it needs.  The easiest way to fuel up for that next training session or run is with a smoothie around 60 minutes beforehand. But it needs to have the right balance of nutrients.

  • Real Life Magic: A Whimsical Stay at Nemacolin Resort

      Driving through the rugged and beautiful Allegheny Mountains, luxury feels like a world away. But just 1.5 hours southeast of Pittsburgh lies Nemacolin—a private, year-round luxury resort hidden in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands. This self-contained wonderland of adventure offers an unparalleled array of activities, amenities, and real-life magic. Nemacolin is home to


  • Best Air Purifying Plants

    We love any excuse to buy more plants, and you may have heard they can improve your home’s indoor air quality. But before you blow your paycheck in the name of a healthier home, let’s dive deeper into plants’ air purifying powers. We’ll share which plants we recommend and what benefits you can actually expect from them. We’ve heard for years about how plants act as natural air filters for your home. So let’s dive a little deeper, shall we? 7 Air Purifying Plants If you just came here for a list, our favorite air purifying houseplants are bulleted below. The best part is these are all beautiful, low-maintenance plants. Many also appear on our best low-light indoor plants list too! Dracaena (including Corn Plant) Snake Plant Aglaonema English Ivy Pothos Bamboo Palm Spider Plant There are certainly more that could be included here, but we narrowed it to the ones that are most often cited by experts AND the plants that we think look best too. Continue reading Best Air Purifying Plants at Young House Love.

  • A Weekend In New Orleans With Kids

    Since our travel guides to Charleston with kids and Palm Springs with kids have elicited requests for more travel ideas with kids, we’re back with an overdue recap of our 3-night trip to New Orleans. We’d never been to The Big Easy before and were impressed by how family-friendly the city is. It’s not all booze, beads, and Bourbon Street! So here’s a look at where we stayed, what we did, and what we’re excited to do next time we go back – because we will definitely go back! The four of us (well, five if you count our chihuahua!) went to NOLA for 3 nights in November of 2022. At the time, our kids were 8 and 12 years old. So unfortunately we can’t vouch for our suggestions being a good fit for toddlers or younger children. Although I’m sure ours would’ve loved the Louisiana Children’s Museum and Storyland playground back in the day! Continue reading A Weekend In New Orleans With Kids at Young House Love.

  • 9 Easy Low-Light Indoor Plants

    I used to think every houseplant needed a sunny corner or bright windowsill to thrive. But it turns out many of our favorite go-to houseplants do just fine in shady corners and low-light locations. So before you write off your house as too dark to sustain plant life, check out this list of the best indoor plants for low light. You might be surprised at how many good options there are! Our upstairs family room is the brightest room we’ve ever owned thanks to big unobstructed windows on all 4 sides. But most of our indoor plants live downstairs, where we get far less natural light. Luckily, that hasn’t stopped us from growing our collection of happy healthy houseplants. 9 Houseplants That Don’t Need A Lot Of Light Here are our favorite low-light indoor plants. We list a lot more info on them below, but here’s a quick list to bring on your next trip to the plant store: Snake Plant ZZ Plant Pothos Heartleaf Philodendron English Ivy Aglaonema Cast Iron Plant Monstera Parlor Palm Perhaps our favorite part of this list is that these aren’t ugly “consolation plants” that people begrudgingly buy for dark homes. Continue reading 9 Easy Low-Light Indoor Plants at Young House Love.

  • How To Remove Wallpaper: 4 Proven Methods

    Wallpaper has made a big comeback as a trendy home design choice. But despite its resurgence, there are still plenty of us dealing with dingy, dated, or downright ugly old wallpaper we don’t want. In our old home, we had to remove wallpaper in so many rooms: the kitchen, the dining room, the foyer, and two different bathrooms! As we traveled from room to room removing wallpaper, we tested 4 different methods, and today we’ll share what we learned. Removing wallpaper doesn’t require special tools or lots of money. It’s a totally doable project for any homeowner. However, it can be a tedious process that can take elbow grease and patience, depending on the size of your room and the stubbornness of your wallpaper. But having removed several rooms worth of decades-old wallpaper, we can confidently say it’s worth the effort! You can also check out more before and afters of our once-wallpapered rooms. Continue reading How To Remove Wallpaper: 4 Proven Methods at Young House Love.