• Facts About Mardi Gras You Never Knew

      With sayings like “Confetti in my hair, cocktail in my hand,” and “We don’t hide crazy, we parade it down the street,” there’s no celebration quite like a Mardi Gras celebration. One of the most anticipated events each year, most of us know Mardi Gras as a traditional Winter festival complete with parades, fantastic

  • Experience the Perfect Winter Getaway at Merriweather Lakehouse Hotel

    Open just a year, with 212 modern rooms and part of Marriott's Autograph Collection, Merriweather Lakehouse Hotel is a stunning lakeside retreat tucked in seven wooded acres where you can


  • How (And Why!) We Fit A King-Size Bed Into Our Smaller Bedroom

    This is a meandering journey of a post, so make yourself comfortable. We mentioned in this side table post that we traded our queen-size bed for a bigger king-size one. The reason might seem obvious – because it’s bigger, duh! But we happily sailed through over 17 years together without ever wanting one. So why the sudden about-face last fall? Well, it essentially boiled down to: “the things we do for our dog” (more on that in a second). We also had to carefully plan how we’d squeeze the biggest bed we’ve ever owned into our smaller bedroom. And we had a big realization about larger furniture in a smaller house in the process (it’s probably not what you think!). Plus we had some fun with photoshop. bed frame | nightstands | lamps | pink sheets | pillow | rug | ottomans | curtains When we told one of our friends about the bed change, they were stunned – nay, SHOCKED – to hear we didn’t already have a king bed. Continue reading How (And Why!) We Fit A King-Size Bed Into Our Smaller Bedroom at Young House Love.

  • How We Protected Our Plants From Freezing Temperatures

    Last month’s arctic blast brought surprisingly frigid temperatures to Florida. We had three consecutive nights with temperatures in the low 20s – and an ultimate low of around 18 degrees! A lot of our outdoor plants aren’t built for that kind of freezing weather (in the 3 winters we’ve spent here we can remember one other low of about 32-degrees, but things went right back up to our more normal lows of around 45 degrees within a few hours). They’re calling our recent deep freeze a “once-in-a-century event” here in Florida. In other words: the ultimate test. So here are the steps we took to protect our plants, including a few things that worked better than others. It should be said that there are definitely bigger things to worry about during extreme cold weather events – like protecting people, pets, and pipes. But you’ll often see plants as the 4th “P” on that list of things to check on in freezing weather. Continue reading How We Protected Our Plants From Freezing Temperatures at Young House Love.

  • 5 Ways We Prevented Frozen Pipes in Florida

    We thought frozen pipes were a worry we’d left behind by moving to Florida, but last month’s arctic blast sent our temperatures plummeting into the low 20s for three nights in a row (with an all-time low of 18 degrees, which they’re calling a once-in-a-century event here in Northwest, FL). This was especially concerning because Florida homes in our area aren’t always constructed with this weather in mind. Frozen pipes are bad news because water expands when it freezes, potentially causing pipes to burst or crack, leading to leaking or flooding. Luckily, with a few easy prevention steps we successfully kept our pipes from freezing! Which, sadly, isn’t something a lot of our neighbors can say. Many people we know had an issue with a pipe or two bursting – so we’re extremely grateful that the steps we took kept ours protected. Here are 5 things that worked for us, including a tip from a local plumber that saved our outdoor shower! Continue reading 5 Ways We Prevented Frozen Pipes in Florida at Young House Love.

  • The Rooms We Don’t Miss After Downsizing (And The Ones We Do)

    Sherry’s post a few months ago about what furniture & decor we still own after downsizing was the first time I’d looked back at photos of our previous house in a while. It was a fun walk down memory lane (how has it been 2.5 years since we moved?!). It also jogged my memory about how much “extra house” we used to have. As in, full rooms that were so under-utilized that I’d almost forgotten about them! Don’t get me wrong: we loved that house. But, as you know, it was a much bigger house than we realized we needed (spending an entire summer in our smaller pink beach house really clarified that for us – more on that here), and we were excited & relieved to downsize to our current home in Florida. We went from 3,150 square feet in Virginia to 1,400 square feet here – which is less than half the space, for the math nerds out there. Continue reading The Rooms We Don’t Miss After Downsizing (And The Ones We Do) at Young House Love.