• How To Sleep Better Naturally

    Have trouble sleeping? With some simple lifestyle changes, diet hacks, and the help of a sleep device like Hatch Restore, we have some tips to get you sleeping better naturally. See them now!

  • Hatch Restore Review 2022. Everything You Should Know

      Does this sound like you?: You’re in bed by 10 o’clock every night, fall asleep almost as soon as your head hits the pillow, and wake up bursting with energy without ever hitting that snooze button?  If not, then you’re probably more like me: you find it hard to fall asleep at night and


  • Creating Custom Storage With Ikea Bestas

    Want to turn simple store-bought cabinets into custom built-ins? “Hacking” something that’s already made is so much easier than building something from scratch, and it can look really custom in the end. Built-in storage is universally helpful (especially in a smaller home – but really, anywhere), and things like the floor-to-ceiling closets in our bedroom, the desk & bookcase we added to our son’s room, and the wall-to-wall media cabinet in our family room have made such a difference. But one built-in that we’ve barely mentioned since we added and upgraded them are the Ikea Bestas flanking our fireplace: table | white chairs | wicker chair | ottoman | lamps | glass vase | sconces | mobile The good news is that it took just a few fairly easy steps to make them look a lot more custom than they look on the showroom floor in Ikea. Continue reading Creating Custom Storage With Ikea Bestas at Young House Love.

  • Are Robot Vacuums Worth It? Why We Changed Our Mind.

    We owned a Roomba robot vacuum almost a decade ago because it sounded so good in theory. Something that does the vacuuming for you while you sit on the couch? Sign me up. But in reality, we had SO MANY ISSUES with it. It was extremely loud, frequently got stuck, and didn’t cover many areas before the battery died. Did I mention it always got stuck? It felt like babysitting someone who was poorly vacuuming to the point that our time was better spent actually doing the vacuuming. We finally ended up selling it on Craigslist. So imagine our surprise to now be declaring that we actually LOVE having a robot vacuum and the technology has come SO FAR. It feels lightyears ahead of the one we owned before – and it was much less expensive! In fact, we’ve owned our new robot vacuum for 8 glorious months, and it’s probably our favorite purchase of the year. Continue reading Are Robot Vacuums Worth It? Why We Changed Our Mind. at Young House Love.

  • 2022 Holiday Gift Guides – with ideas as low as $7!

    Did Christmas come early this year? Nope! But our annual gift guides did (by a smidge, at least). So, without further ado… let’s dive into the 3 categories that we cover every year, which are all here in just one post: Gift Ideas for Grown-Ups Gift Ideas for Kids Gift Ideas Under $12.99 It’s probably helpful to mention that nothing was sponsored/gifted in order to get into this guide. If something’s in here, we just genuinely love it (and in many cases, already own it and can vouch for it). Each list also includes some things that we plan to give a friend or family member this year, and a few things we’d love to receive (wink, wink – please consult this post, John). Quick note: There aren’t just gifts that are under $12.99 on the last gift guide. Continue reading 2022 Holiday Gift Guides – with ideas as low as $7! at Young House Love.

  • Adding Outdoor Storage To Our Kitchen Porch

    I’ll start this post with a confession: I resented our kitchen porch when we finished it last fall. Resent is a strong and, admittedly, strange word to use for a porch. But I’ll explain it later on in this post. The good news is that I no longer harbor any ill will toward it. In fact, it has become one of the spaces I’m most grateful to have in our smaller home. Especially after some functional additions that we’ve made to it over the last year since you saw it. outdoor table | outdoor chairs | water fountain | plant hanging bracket | grill | string lights I love this space so much, that I’m actually writing this post from it right now. Call it Method Blogging. I’m fully immersed in my character. outdoor table | outdoor stacking chairs | water fountain | grill | string lights A Kitchen Porch Renovation Recap You can read a full post of this porch’s previous updates, but the quick version is: this used to be a porch off of our bedroom, which had 8 glass doors leading outside (yes, eight whole doors in one room). Continue reading Adding Outdoor Storage To Our Kitchen Porch at Young House Love.