Building Your Dream Home

Now bear with me, I swear this is related to custom house design: when I was a kid, I was obsessed with a game called The Sims. You may have heard of it before; virtual people speaking a nonsense language and you more or less control their lives. However, I wasn’t as interested in the livelihood aspect of the game — I was obsessed with building the homes from scratch. You could control the elevation of the property, build bodies of water, create patios and cobblestone pathways…the options were endless. But I never imagined that this concept, especially with the specific customization, could have real-world application.

But recently, I was proved wrong. So apparently, there are companies that will literally design your house from scratch, even beachside properties. But of course, this is a huge investment, especially for a project that you won’t really see the results from until the end. But this is real, and it is a service that you can have full access to.

Imagine this; while driving along the PCH, you see the typical Newport “showhomes”. The Italian villa style, the geometric patterns millionaires love, you know the drill. But your vision is totally different than the average setup. No giant glass rooms with one white piano, no tacky chandelier…just something that feels like home.

Gone are the days when “cozy” meant “small” and “homey” meant
“cheap”. No more must you settle for a builder’s vision of a house, only to check on the progress two weeks later to find a structure completely different than what you had hoped for. You can have a builder that will literally give you as many updates as you need, so that not a single beam will be installed without your knowledge. These people know the investment you put into these homes, and they won’t let you down as a result.

But that doesn’t mean that basic homes are your only option. The sky’s the limit when it comes to custom homes in Newport Beach. You want hot pink Roman columns in the entryway? You got it. You want a three-story fountain decked with 200 baby cherub statues? Go nuts. A common misconception is that you have to be good with visuals to paint a picture for the designer. But that is completely the job of the designer. You describe what you have so far of your vision, and they can build off of that (no pun intended). They can even take the parts you haven’t thought about (i.e. do I want inverted tiling for my kitchen, what’s inverted tiling, etc.) and fill in the blanks.

Just like any creative project, it’s not as good if only one person calls the shots on every creative decision. Most people who want a house designed for them don’t have extensive knowledge of house building, and that’s completely fine; otherwise customer builders would be completely out of business! But these people want to collaborate — take the foundation of your dream and go from there. And the results, in the end, really do speak for themselves.

To design your own home you can contact:

Sailhouse Custom Homes

170 Newport Center Dr Suite 220, Newport Beach, CA 92660

(949) 281-6044