A Natural Pest Control Option For Orange County Home Owners

There’s a lot that goes into making a home picturesque, but what is it that makes one a wreck? Outside of the obvious dirt and neglected landscaping, one of the big signs of obvious danger when scoping out a fixer-upper is the telltale signs of damage caused by pests.
As I scan the perimeter of the house, I always keep a careful eye out for rodent droppings, holes that might be used for nests, and even minor damage to the building exterior. If I notice any one of these signs that pests have made the house their own, I usually decide there and then to skip it and head to the next property.
This has been a policy of mine for a long time thanks to an expensive lesson I learned when I was flipping houses in the 00’s: if you can notice the damage, then it’s probably much worse than you can see. That being said, there are plenty of more determined flippers out there willing to take the risk, and of course, current homeowners with no intention of buying or selling any time soon. For them, the best course of action is to hire a professional to come clear out the problem.

The thought of enlisting the help of an exterminator gives pause to many, however. “I don’t want my property being bombarded with noxious gasses! What about my kids? My pets?!” Fortunately, companies have been popping up all over the country utilizing a more natural approach to pest control that can help limit the use of industrial poisons and chemicals.
In Orange County, the company leading the charge on this change is Natural Science Exterminators, which, as its name suggests, utilizes naturally occurring chemicals that can both eliminate and prevent infestations. The process works just as well as typical extermination tools, and the company has a far better reputation than most pest control companies we’ve seen. Take a look:

We have been using Natural Science Exterminating for years. We started back when they were called Hired Gun. We initially hired them to deal with a termite problem. They were able to effectively treat the issue without resorting to tenting. (The other firms we contacted for quotes all wanted to tent.) We continue to use them for annual termite inspections and also for bi-monthly treatment of spiders and ants. Brian, our exterminator, is friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and on-time. He answers all of our questions and gives us options for the best treatment solution for any of our issues. -Nicholas Gebelt, Google Review

You can’t beat Natural Science they are the best. We have been customers for almost 20yrs. They go above and beyond with their expertise and fantastic customer service. They arrive on time and always with a smile. I had Mike inspect my home yesterday, and he brought up other issues that he noticed that I should get fixed. Joey is who used to come, but I’ll take Mike and say. What a wonderful young man. Of course, you can’t get anything started without Julie. She’s a wonderful asset to the company. Keep up the good job, and I will continue for another 20 yrs. Great company! -Katherine Henshaw, Google Review

If you’ve noticed the telltale signs of a pest infestation on your property, it’s not too late for you – hiring a competent pest control company can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Natural Science just gets it done with a minimum of the industrial chemicals used by other companies. Call today:
Natural Science Exterminating
11642 Knott Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841