You Built It, Now To Protect It!

If you’re reading this publication there’s little doubt that you’ve spent countless hours improving your home using our tips and tricks (we hope!). Whether it be installing new cabinetry in the kitchen or finally finishing the half-built basement the homeowner before you left, an unbelievable amount of time, money, and mental energy has been put into your home improvement projects, and darn it, you’re proud of it!

While we typically focus on the building and improving side of things on this website, we do want to take a little bit of time today to say that, for all your hard work, something nasty (yet common) may come along to ruin your hard work and put you back at square one. That nasty little thing is a bug. Specifically…the dreaded termite!

These ugly little creatures can strip a home down to nothing in as little as two years, so it’s imperative that you get them sorted out as quickly as possible. That begs the question though, how should we take care of it? Many of the chemical agents exterminators typically use can be extremely harmful to the environment, especially as they run off into the water supply. Not to mention what it can do us and our pets if some residue is left over!

So, we want to protect our homes, kill some bugs, protect ourselves, and protect the environment, all at once. It seems like a big ask, but according to the spotlight company today, that is the standard operating procedure. Natural Science Exterminating is a family owned business that has been providing L.A. and Orange County with natural termite control from their Garden Grove headquarters for the past 25 years.

Utilizing a mixture of orange oil and borates (boric acid occurs naturally in fruits), the guys at Natural Science are able to create a lasting layer of protection for your home. Not only that, but for home owners who want that extra bit of peace of mind, or for homes that are especially prone to infestations of the wood cutting creatures, they offer a pest control insulation, which contains special fibers that are abrasive to the exoskeletons of insects. The insulation is also fire retardant and energy efficient (the only one of its kind to have an Energy Star ® rating, so you get a number of different levels of safety on top of the bug control!

After spending years tending to your home, updating it just the way you like it, setting up the landscaping to compliment it, and crafting the cute accoutrements that we provide you with via our publication, it would be truly terrible to see it all eaten away by some miserable little creepy crawlies. With natural termite control, you can exterminate the pest problem you’re currently having, and prevent more for years to come with the appropriate application. In addition to that, the guys at Natural Science are handy with a hammer, and they’ll provide fixes on wood that’s been damaged.

If you suspect you’re experiencing an infestation and you would like to try out a natural termite exterminator in Garden Grove, give Natural Science Exterminating a call. They’ll provide an environmentally friendly way for you to protect the home you love.

Natural Science Exterminating


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