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A Change In Perspective: Buying Modern Office Cubicles Without The Environmental Impact

The world lives and thrives because of the enormous amount of international trade. Hundreds of ships pass through the local Port of Los Angeles every month, bringing in thousands upon thousands of tons of cargo from abroad. This trade is the key to our abundance and luxurious lifestyles here in the west, but it comes at a major cost.
International shipping is one of the biggest contributors to environmental degradation through air, water, and acoustic pollution. Each of the enormous container ships you see lined up along the coast contributes as much carbon dioxide, methane, and every other greenhouse gas and airborne toxin as a million cars. If you count it as a unit, international shipping contributes as much to global climate change as some large, industrialized nations.

This doesn’t even consider the fact that many of the manufactured items are done so in countries with extremely lax environmental protection laws. Countries like China, India, and Pakistan act as the production facilities of the world economies and are, unsurprisingly, some of the worst offenders regarding greenhouse gas emissions and ocean pollutants.
Industrialization has contributed to some life-altering innovations in medicine, lifestyle, and scientific discovery, but it has also led to a horrific decline in the health of our environment. To help limit the impacts of some of this degradation, we can take some very simple steps. The most impactful and immediate step for many of us would be to buy used rather than opting for new.
Whether you’re buying used clothes, cars, or office equipment, you can significantly reduce the impact you or your organization is having on the environment. All of the resources used to manufacture and transport the new items will be saved, effectively halving the impact your purchase would typically make on the environment.

Many potential buyers are still hesitant despite this. They perceive buying used as low-status, and have a warranted fear of the quality of previously owned items. The key, then, is to find a reputable dealer for the goods you’ll be buying used.

Creative Office Design is one of the best local dealers for both new and used office equipment options in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Creative has been in the game for a long time, and has successfully furnished hundreds of environmentally conscious offices across the two counties with high-quality used cubicles, desking, and seating.

One thing that puts Creative above the competition is the range of design and installation services they provide for their clients. Creative Office Design’s crew of interior designers and specialists will come to your office space, draw out the layout and measurements of the building, and provide your company with a number of designs that both conform to your company’s desired aesthetic and maximize the usable space and provide room for future growth and expansion.

If your company is moving or expanding its current office space and is looking to take some easy steps to reduce its environmental impact, working with Creative to create a fully customizable and used furniture arrangement is the ideal solution. Give them a call or visit Creative’s website at

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