Keeping Your Home Picturesque

One of the clearest memories I have of childhood is waking up one night in fright at a horrible sound. As I lay shivering in my bed, the roaring sound continued unabated, and images of monsters drifted through my head.
After some time, I mustered up the courage to venture outside my room and creep towards the stairwell. The sound was coming from downstairs, and there was no way I was going down there alone. I ran to my parent’s room and woke them up. Immediately hearing the same noise, my father started towards the stairs and I fell a few steps behind.

Taking the stairs two at a time, he hit the ground floor and was greeted with a splash. My ears were greeted with one of the most colorful strings of curses that I’d heard before or since as he rushed slipping and sliding towards the bathroom.
At some point during the night, the pipe had burst and began spraying water freely to the point that the entire first floor was now covered in about three inches of water. He managed to turn the water off, but the damage had been done – almost everything on the ground floor was ruined.
As it turned out, much of the plumbing for the house had been corroded to the point of failure since it was built in the early 70’s. My parents hadn’t noticed, and unfortunately, none of the plumbers that had visited before had either noticed or told us of the problem.

The repairs and forced renovations ended up costing a huge chunk of change, which was luckily covered by the insurance my father had insisted on paying extra for. No matter how much we were able to recoup, the antique furniture passed down from both sides’ families that we had to throw away was a major, irretrievable loss.
A major part of keeping your home beautiful and functional is making sure what’s within the walls is well-kept and running smoothly. That means investing in quality craftsmen for your electrical and plumbing.
Some of the best plumbers in Chula Vista (our neck of the woods) and the greater San Diego area are California Plumbing, a great small business that’s been operating in the area for years. Their conscientious attention to detail has prevented untold numbers of accidents like mine from happening to homes all over San Diego county.
Their customer service is also top-notch, which is unusual for companies working in the industry. Just take a look at what their customers had to say about them:

California Plumbing was professional, helpful, and very quick to respond. We asked for a camera waste line inspection prior to moving into our new home, and Rachel gave me detailed information I didn’t receive from any other company. They sent Nestor out the next day and he was fantastic. Very professional and really walked me through the process and what to look for. The entire process was very easy and smooth. I’ll be calling California Plumbing for all of my future plumbing needs. -Mike R., Yelp Review

My landlord has used California Plumbing for many years. I could not be more pleased with their work… whether it is a small adjustment or a major repair/replacement. Aaron and his staff are knowledgeable, prompt, and courteous. They point out issues we may not even have been aware of. Special kudos to employee Nestor! – Pam B., Yelp Review

If you have any concerns about the plumbing in your old home or you’ve experienced a problem only an expert plumber can solve, get California Plumbing on the job. They’ll get the job done at an honest price and leave your pipes running clear and clean.
California Plumbing
455 Willowcrest Way, Chula Vista, CA 91910