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The Benefits and Costs of Being a Dog Owner

Having a dog at home is a real pleasure, but not all of us are able to bring a furry friend home due to several reasons. Many do not adopt a pet because they fear the time and energy investment of caring for one, effectively missing out on the benefits of owning a dog at home. 

There is no doubt that having a dog is definitely a huge responsibility and that it demands considerable effort on a regular basis. You must indeed make arrangements for vet bills, adoption fees, and healthy dog food. But beyond all that, the benefits of becoming a dog owner are well worth all these troubles. When thinking about owning a dog, one should learn more about the amazing benefits instead of only dwelling on the commitment and cost involved. 

Benefits of owning a dog

One of the greatest benefits of owning a dog is that it opens up the likely possibility for you to become healthier. According to recent research studies, people who spend time with their pet dogs are likely to have 24% lower risks of death compared to those who don’t. Dogs can help their owners to stay fit and healthy in a variety of ways; the best part is that they encourage physical activity, which can prevent cancer and chronic illness. 

Those who own a dog often do more exercises, such as go for a walk to stay active most of the time. Medical health experts reveal that dog owners are likely to enjoy improved heart health, better moods, stronger bones, and lower stress levels. It is not surprising to hear that staying around a pet dog can also prevent the risks of heart problems.  A study conducted in the year 2019 found that dog owners were observed to have a 31% lower risk of being affected by heart disease.

The presence of a dog in your life can help you maintain healthy body weight, for healthy and graceful aging. Dog owners also report enhanced emotional well-being, higher self-esteem, and an overall higher purpose in life. Therefore, owning a dog is definitely one of the best experiences in life.

Selective Focus Photography of White and Tan Shih Tzu Puppy Carrying by Smiling Woman

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Costs of owning a dog

After going through several benefits of becoming a dog owner, if you are worried about the cost involved in this process, here are a few estimates about costs. The annual cost of food for a dog is generally around one thousand dollars. For medication, including flea and heart-worm prevention, you need to spend almost two hundred dollars per year. For treats and toys, the estimated expenses per year are one hundred dollars.

Dogs are reported to experience poor heart health at later stages of their life. There are many possible treatments available around the world. If you care for your pets well by ensuring frequent visits to vets and feeding them healthy food, many health conditions can be reversed or prevented. To ensure optimal heart health, it is advised to hire a veterinary diagnostic vet. It is also possible to find dog food, vets, and medicines with ease in almost all cities in the United States. You can give Cardiac Vet a call today.

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