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How Artificial Turf Can Keep Your Lawn Green Without The Mushrooms And Weeds

One of the habits I inherited from my father is an almost obsessive compulsion to make sure my lawn is well-kept and uniform in color, length, and shape. I didn’t realize that I had inherited this quality until I became a homeowner, but it certainly made itself clear once I was spending my second consecutive weekend figuring out what tool would help me keep the area where the turf met the concrete walkway neat and tidy.

Keeping my lawn green and vibrant was never an issue for me, unlike many of my neighbors. My obsession with my lawn ensured that I timed my watering sessions to coincide with the season and local weather conditions, and I used top-quality fertilizer to ensure the turf would remain in top condition year-round.

Unfortunately, that latter point would be my downfall. The fertilizer didn’t just work for the turf – it also invited quite a few uninvited guests.

The mushrooms began popping up around midwinter, once the rainy season was in full swing here in the not-so-perpetually sunny southern California. I noticed a few lonely white toadstools sprouting after an especially powerful downpour, but I thought nothing of it after picking them out of the ground and ensuring that they didn’t have an established root system.

Little did I know that this was only the beginning of my problems. The days afterward saw more white mushrooms popping up before, finally, an enormous brown mass grew almost overnight in the crack between the lawn and the surrounding planter walls.

Mortified, I dug out the enormous fungus and the surrounding soil, filling it up with new dirt and spraying the area with an antifungal, but it was too late. Soon, my previously pristine lawn was filled with growing masses of white, brown, and a spotted red that seemed to bleed when touched. The fungi had won, and I was now afraid to let my family and pets into the yard less if one of them proved to be toxic.

It was time for drastic action. My wife had, at this point, been bugging me weekly about the time and money I had been spending on the lawn, and I had grown tired of the mental games the upkeep had been making me play. The yard was lost, and I had neither the patience nor the resources to win it back.

That was when I decided to tear the yard out completely and make the switch to artificial turf. One of my neighbors who had struggled with their yards had been crowing for months about the installation they had done while they watched me struggle, and it had finally gotten to me!

The company they recommended was new to San Diego but, as I found out, one of the most prominent fake grass installers in Orange County – NoMow Turf. After seeing the transformation of my neighbor’s yard from patchy mess to uniform perfection, I knew they were the answer to all of my problems.

If you are like me and have stubbornly delayed switching out your natural turf lawn to a more water-wise and time-saving alternative, do yourself a favor and give in, already. NoMow Turf will ensure your yard is made out to your exact specifications and, best of all, will ensure you’ll never spend another weekend painstakingly trimming your edges.

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