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Making Your Home Comfortable And Safe For Summer

Hello home improvement fans! We’re today to discuss some improvements you can make to your back yard that will not only make it look incredible, but also make it safer and more comfortable during the hot summer months!

The secret to all of this is selecting the best landscapers available to help you plan and design your dream yard while also keeping you safe from fire danger and the hot summer sun. The right landscapers will help you select geographically appropriate foliage that not only looks great, but also helps prevent fires from spreading too easily to your home!

According to San Diego home and garden, there are 3 distinct zones that you need to pay attention to in your yard when it comes to selecting foliage:

“Zone 1 — the area closest to the home

Choose low-growing plants with low-fuel volume and remove plants that would give fire a ladder to climb from the ground into a tree. Ideally there shouldn’t be any tall plantings.

To help make this area aesthetically pleasing install hardscape such as brick, stone or concrete patios and walkways, masonry seats, decorative walls and rock mulches.

Zone 2

The focus here is to reduce the fuel for a fire with low-growing groundcovers that are resistant to fire which, when properly maintained, may halt a fire before it reaches the house.

Zone 3 — the transition area between the garden and wild space

Introduce a mix of low shrubs and perennials that may be native or drought-resistant in this area.”

Great landscapers will also ensure that your yard will have plenty of shade during those months of intense sun with the use of patio covers, which not only protect you from harmful UV radiation but also add a stylish vertical element to your back yard and out door patios. These covers typically use slats of wood combined with cloth, which gives you an extra bit of customizability when it comes to patterning and coloring.

So, where can you find the great landscapers who will help design these safer and more comfortable yards? Well, for our friends in the La Jolla and greater San Diego area, we have an incredible company who we never fail to mention when it comes to impeccable yard improvement: Torrey pines Landscaping company.

In its post regarding the company’s procedure on patio covers, the company details some of its thought processes when it comes to designing the perfect covering:

“Patio covers are built many times to provide outdoor shade.  What we need to consider is the angle of the sun’s rays in the heat of the day during the warmer months of the year.  We may offset the cover from the obvious location to accommodate this factor…

Trellises, Arbors and Gazebos not only make your gardens more inviting but also serve as major architectural elements in your overall landscape design…There are many benefits to placing a patio cover in you garden, the first being shade. An overhead structure can diffuse the sun’s glare and convert a sun baked area into a cool oasis.  It can also add visual interest. A well placed structure can create a focal point in your garden.”

If you’re looking to improve the level of shade and comfort in your garden during the hot California summer months, look no farther than Torrey Pines for your design and construction needs.

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