The Benefits of Investing in Home and Earthquake Insurance

Today, many might be looking to find a way to help reduce their day-to-day costs. The cost of living is only increasing, and this can make us look closely at our premiums. For example, one thing that many people might look into is home and earthquake insurance. While this might seem like an excessive premium to pay in a time of austerity, is that really the case? Can you really afford to not invest in home and earthquake insurance? Is that wise?

We don’t think so. If you want to make life more comfortable, it always pays to know that you are safe. Environmental disasters are sadly becoming more and more common, especially in areas like California. Therefore, a home owner should do everything that they can to try and protect themselves from a potential disaster.

That is why we recommend that you consider the following key benefits as to why home and earthquake insurance is an investment that is worth making.

The cost outweighs the loss
Even the most expensive premium for this particular kind of insurance would be nothing compared to the potential damage. The amount that you can lose from an earthquake can easily amount to tens of thousands of dollars. A particularly bad earthquake could leave you with next to nothing left to fall back on. Is the cost of the premium really going to be more than the potential loss incurred?

Earthquakes are on the up
Just like a life-threatening illness, we always assume that we will never be the ones to face such tragedy. However, the numbers show how frequently earthquakes occur. Geological reports and surveys in the United States show that some twenty thousand earthquakes per year take place across the nation.

You will be covered for a disaster
If you do not have insurance coverage, and then become subjected to an earthquake, you will have to pay for all of the extensive damage done, while also paying for your regular living costs. Can you really afford to pay your mortgage, utilities, and debts alongside the massive cost of rebuilding your home?

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In short, the cost of paying for your premiums is going to be nothing compared to the cost of what you are going to need to pay after a disaster. You will also likely get additional help to pay for living costs through earthquake insurance, should you need to move out while repairs are done. Santa Monica State Farm Agent Byron Galindo can help you find the best insurance plan for your needs and preparations. So, if you were thinking of taking the purchase of home and earthquake insurance off of your mind, we recommend you think again. The cost might seem steep today, but it is a fraction of what you would pay if you were to be a victim of such a disaster. Instead of having to go and borrow massive sums of money to make your home liveable again, you can have everything covered. You can give the Galindo offices a call today:

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