Common Mistakes Made By First-Time Homeowners

For most people, buying a new home is the biggest investment and most important decision of their lives. However, between the euphoria of purchasing a new property and stress of on-going financial burden, many find themselves making some costly mistakes.

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is related to their loan amount and application process. Many beginners believe that they can acquire loans easily and the credit will be disbursed to their account in a few days. But banks need several formalities before approval of a mortgage. Therefore, it is better to check your loan’s eligibility ahead of time. Moreover, the mortgage is based on your savings and credit-worthiness. The mortgage itself should not turn out to be a burden on your income and earning abilities. Over-borrowing and buying an unaffordable property can put you in severe financial distress in the long term. Some people make the mistake of not comparing their multiple options for home loans and end up signing contracts with higher interest rates, which cause greater burdens down the line.

Many first-time homebuyers fail to think about the additional expenses involved in property investments. If you are investing in a property in hopes of profiting off of the resale value, you may also need to spend on some essential repair work. Therefore, it is best to estimate and plan these expenses in advance.

Another common mistake that first-time buyers make is being unaware of tax benefits and credits. They fail to claim their rebates. It is best to consult experts regarding tax rules and regulations for your investment categories.

Last but not the least, many first-time homeowners do not inspect the damages and presence of termites before investing in a property. This mistake can lead to costly expenses at a later stage. Therefore, we advise hiring experts to conduct thorough pest and termite inspections before purchasing a property.

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The termite inspection and extermination processes

Although termites are tiny creatures, they can cause millions of dollars of structural damage to your property. They emerge from mud tubes, soil, and food sources, and can traverse the whole house through these tunnels. Therefore, it is important to hire a professional pest control company to identify the presence of termites. A quick search of “termite treatment san dimas” will reveal Grand Oaks Termite Control to be one of the best exterminators in Orange County. During the inspection, these experienced professionals will survey the entire premise. The most affected areas may be crawl spaces, garages, sinks, and basements. The goal is to identify the presence of mud tubes, wood damage, and discarded wings. The target areas for inspection also include outdoor wooden structures, wood fences, cracks, deadwood, firewood, and wood mulch. During the extermination process, the professionals will employ methods that can kill termites directly upon contact. These treatments are highly effective and can prevent your property from future attacks of termites as well. Be sure to hire the most experienced exterminator to safely kill the termites and protect your home from damage.

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