Getting Inspired

Something hit me late afternoon last Friday, as I dipped my heels into my pool to cool down after my usual workout. It was already 95 degrees out and I had almost suffered a heat stroke by late April – summer has come early this year, and I am certain it’s going to be a scorcher.
That means we only have a short span to get to work on our 2021 remodeling plans before we start baring the full brunt of the summer sun. Whether you’re just planning on repainting the house or you need to make a full-on addition to the house, now is the time to get to work!
There’s a lot of interesting and game-changing trends hitting the remodeling world this year, as people acclimate to a new world revealing itself after the COVID crisis permanently changed the economic landscape. Many of us now working at home are looking to add dedicated closed spaces where we can get some work done in peace in quiet after years of obsession over opening everything up.

Closed spaces and reconfiguring home layouts to make room for home offices is by far the biggest trend in 2021, and it isn’t going anywhere. Homeowners who suddenly find themselves looking for a single quiet place in the house are expanding their unused closets and guest rooms and transitioning them into dedicated workspaces in anticipation of permanent working-from-home conditions.
If you’re looking to start enclosing some of your home’s space to create a more peaceable working environment, getting the right home remodeling contractor is going to be essential in ensuring that space is at least partially soundproof and structurally sound. For Orange County readers, that means giving a call to our old friends at Inspired Remodels, Inc., the highest rated remodeling contracting firm in southern California.

The company doesn’t just do great work – clients consider them some of the most reliable and trustworthy contractors they’ve ever worked with. Just take a look at some of their testimonials:

After spending time looking for a contractor to renovate our master bathroom, laundry and power bath, we settled on Inspired Remodels and I’m so glad we did! From start to finish every single person that worked in our home was professional, considerate and communicated with us throughout the process. I am rather “particular” about things being just right and they went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. Joe and Collin were very patient with me during the selection process and Jason was responsive and made me feel at ease with any questions I had along the way. The tradesmen were all outstanding but I need to give a special shoutout to Haime and Rudy, Mark and Ulysses, for their attention to detail and the long hours they put into making our home beautiful. Thank you, thank you! I highly recommend using IR if you have high expectations – they will be met! (Lisa G., Yelp Review)

I cannot recommend Inspired Remodels enough. Joe, Jason and team have been great. Any problems that came up they took care of for us. It is so nice to work with a company with such integrity. Especially, when we have to trust them with our home for months at a time. They did a bathroom remodel for us and it turned out great. The workmen and subcontractors recommended to us have been wonderful. The subcontractors think the world of them too. Inspired Remodels is in the middle of our master bath remodel and we cannot wait to see how that turns out. We look forward to doing a kitchen remodel with them in the future. (Justin S. Yelp Review)

If you’re like me, you know remodels are best done during mid-spring and mid-fall, since it gets way too hot during summer and way too cold during winter. With contractors walking in and out of the house constantly, air conditioning goes out the window, and you’re stuck languishing inside with the heat or cold – so don’t waste any time. Get Inspired Remodels to start work on your house before summer rears its ugly head:
Inspired Remodels, Inc.
(949) 716-1938
21098 Bake Pkwy Ste 100 Lake Forest, CA 92630