Stocking Your Office and Saving the Environment

A major source of the world’s pollution comes from the fact that we operate primarily in what is known as a linear economy, or an economy where raw resources are collected, used, and then thrown away. All you need for evidence of this is the incredibly enormous trash island floating in the middle of the Pacific.

This massive collection of plastic and other non-organic waste is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and it is the direct result of how our economy operates. In order to help reduce the amount of trash we produce while simultaneously growing our production and productivity, we must begin transitioning to the more environmentally friendly economic option, the circular economy.

The circular economy works by closing the cycle, consistently reusing the same materials to produce different products, that are then recycled again after their usefulness has ended to incorporated or reused in other products. In a perfectly closed economy, there is essentially no waste created.

Now, a perfect system is a system that can never exist, but we can start taking concrete steps towards creating a far more resource efficient economic system, where a huge amount of the materials we throw away every day can be repurposed to create new things and drive growth while at the same time saving precious resources. This can take a variety of forms, from just normal recycling of metal and plastic goods to using something as simple and mundane as used furniture.

Used furniture doesn’t always have to mean going antique shopping with your mom in the older section of the city. Used furniture can take the form of anything from an old wooden bookcase to furnishing your business’s office with entirely pre-used items. Not only does this save the environment from having yet more materials thrown into a landfill or the ocean, but it can save you a significant amount of time, money, and energy.

When we order new furniture, it will most likely cost us a huge amount of money as we furnish all the space available to us in our office. Additionally, everyone is familiar with the turnaround time of a typical furniture set – maybe, if you’re lucky – it will be here in about six weeks. For a lot of us, this is just not an acceptable length of time, our business is fast paced, and we need our services to keep up with us.

Enter in specialized used office goods stores like Creative Office Design, which offer a variety of pre-owned office furniture, like used cubicles, for sale in their Los Angeles location. These stores provide high quality used office furniture that are functional, sleek, and modern.

Conservation of our planet requires new ways of thinking and new ways of running our economy. If we can manage to get as close as possible to a perfectly circular economy, we may one day see the end of man-made environmental disasters like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!

If you’re interested in doing your part and ordering some pre-used office furnishings and equipment, give the spotlighted business a call:

Creative Office Design


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