Make Your Dream Home

Here at My Photo Home we are all about helping you create your picture perfect home. What is so fun about this is that everyone’s dream home looks different and there are a lot of ways that you can create your dream home.

Some people may be out house shopping and simply stumble upon their dream home ready to go. Others may hire a home builder to create their picture perfect home from the ground up. And still others may take their current house (or buy a more run down home) and hire a contractor to help turn their home into their dream home.

Today, we are going to focus on that last option and we wanted to highlight a fantastic contractor based in Orange County, California, Inspired Remodels.

Inspired Remodels is a design-and-build licensed general contractor. They have been helping happy home owners update and turn their houses in their dream homes (or as we here like to say, into their “picture perfect home”).

We wanted to show you some of the amazing work that Inspired Remodels has done and we hope that it can provide some inspiration for the creation of your own dream home.

The Kitchen Remodel

Our first highlight is this kitchen remodel that was done in San Clemente. We particularly liked the tile backsplash over the stove top. Even though you are located just minutes from the beach, the kitchen gives us a pleasant, comfortable feel like you would find in a much more rural setting.

And now that you have a wonderful kitchen, if you are needing to fill it with all of the supplies necessary to make a wonderful meal, we recommend checking out this list essential kitchen supplies.

The Living Room Remodel

Next up we have a beautiful living room remodel. There are a few things that we love about this room. First, is the amazing fireplace. The marble around it, then the mantel, and the brick wall in the back, with a TV mounted on above. We want that in our house!

Next, we want to point out the built in wall shelving next to the fire place. It is a great compliment to the fireplace and allows the lucky home owners to show off pictures of their family and other items they treasure.

Lastly, we have to mention the floor to ceiling windows along the back wall that let in a tremendous amount of light and completely brightens up the room.

The Bathroom Remodel

This bathroom was recently completed and we wanted to show it to highlight the versatility of these contractors. Beautiful kitchens, amazing living rooms, and creative bathroom design. We really like the full shower with shower heads on both ends. The floor to ceiling tiling also is a nice touch.

Bonus Kitchen Remodel!

We couldn’t help ourselves. We wanted to show one more kitchen. The cleanness of the kitchen stood out to us. The white cabinets matched with the black marble island really caught our eye. We also really appreciate how much space this kitchen has.

Alright, that wraps up this highlight of Inspired Remodels. If you are looking for more inspiration, we’d recommend checking out HGTV’s 2019 Smart Home photo time-lapse.