How A Beautifully Designed Workspace Enhances Mental Health

A beautiful space is hard to define in words – it is more a feeling we get while walking through one (or, even more strongly while trudging through one that isn’t). Something in our minds is simply triggered, a pleasant warmth washing over us as we continue onwards, a smile suddenly on our face. It’s often in the back of our minds, an unnoticed effect that puts us in a cheery mood.

To put it simply, it’s the difference between stepping into a well designed and maintained house and stepping into a chaotic, dirty mess: we may not immediately recognize it, but our brains instantly react positively or negatively to the space around us.

This immediate physiological reaction can do a lot to help us or harm us: the impacts of our environment and our mental well-being is well documented. There’s a reason Feng Shui has survived for thousands of years and remains a popular concept in interior design.

One of the easiest things we can do to destress in our day-to-day lives is sprucing up the spaces we spend the most time in, both at home and in your workspace. Everything from the colors used to the furniture you utilize can have a positive or negative effect on both your mood and your health.

Since we tend to spend so much time in our places of work, a naturally stressful environment, it’s especially important to ensure that the space is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Most workers today feel that the aesthetic aspect of their environment is given little to no attention by the organizations they’re employed at. To this end, we’re featuring a company that specializes in helping you create a sleek and mentally sound office environment: Creative Office Design.

Creative Office Design has been on the forefront of Los Angeles contemporary office furniture design for over 25 years in order to not only make your workspace both comfortable and practical, but to also create visually pleasing environments to alleviate the mental burden of a hectic office.

The interior design of the modern workplace has a well-earned reputation for placing function over form: boring, blocky and cramped; straight out of a Uline catalogue that does nothing except remind us of the sterile and inhuman environments out of the movie Office Space. You have a number of different options for improving the visual aspect of your workspace’s furniture: anything from ornate traditional styles utilizing a lot of antique crafted wood to radical modern spaces straight out of an exhibit at the Met, though either of these two extremes is unlikely to result in a more relaxed atmosphere.

A popular contemporary trend is minimalism, which uses as much empty space as possible to eliminate the feeling of clutter and chaos. Creating a streamlined, minimalistic look with clean lines and a simple combination of materials like wood and metal allows for a more calming aesthetic, with ample clean space and a simple method of breaking up the visual uniformity.

Creative Office Design specializes in the use of minimalist designs, utilizing a combination of angles and curvature to enhance the space without sacrificing any of its utility.

Creating a more visually interesting and pleasing workspace not only allows for greater quality of work and concentration, it also directly effects our attitudes coming in and the level of stress we deal with on a daily basis. If you’re interested in creating a more beautiful contemporary and minimalist look in your office, please schedule an appointment at their Los Angeles showroom:

Creative Office Design

5230 Pacific Concourse Drive, Suite 105, Los Angeles, CA 90045