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  • The 10 Hardest Houseplants to Keep Alive, According to Gardenista Readers

    Remember: houseplants are not living indoors by choice. So maybe it’s not surprising that so many Gardenista readers would place themselves somewhere on the scale of unlucky to full-fledged houseplant murderer. We asked our Facebook followers about the plants they just couldn’t keep alive; here are a few of the most popular answers, plus our

  • Trending on Remodelista: How to Be One With Nature

    It was California Week over on Remodelista, and that translated into a plethora of stories on architecture and interiors that beautifully bring the outdoors in. Here are some favorite examples: Plus: 8 Economical DIY Rattan Projects Featuring Readymade Cane and Ikea Furniture Kitchen of the Week: Ikea Meets Semihandmade in a Shell Pink Beach House

  • Hardscaping 101: Backyard Ice Skating Rinks

    My brothers and I thought my father invented the concept of the backyard ice skating rink. The first we heard of it was one night when he went outdoors in Chicago’s sub-zero weather to spray a thin layer of water onto a plastic tarp he’d stretched over a low wooden frame. Seemed like a crazy

  • The Dark Mirror: A Backyard Reflecting Pool in Eastern Europe

    From the street, you would never know. A tall hedge of clipped yew hides a backyard reflecting pool whose surface is “a dark mirror,” designed to reflect the sky and clouds above Brno in the Czech Republic. Created by Eva Wagnerová for clients who had recently renovated a dilapidated old house, the shallow pool is lined with

  • 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Bamboo

    Ah, bamboo—it’s one of those plants that you either love or hate. Me? Well, years ago my husband and I planted a hedge-line of bamboo in the backyard to screen out a view (it does a fantastic job), and in our front yard we have a substantial and stately giant timber bamboo as well as

  • Everything You Need to Know About ZZ Plants

    As I was headed into my local nursery the other day, an interior-plant deliveryman was unloading a van out front. Because I am perennially curious and a devout plant lover, I poked my head inside and saw the vehicle was basically a fully loaded plant-candy store with a fine selection of leaves and stems instead

  • Icebreakers: 9 Eco-Friendly Tips to Clear Snow, from the High Line in NYC

    If you live in a region where snow and ice are common in winter, you probably already know you shouldn’t scatter rock salt to make sidewalks and garden paths safe for pedestrians. Sure, salt (aka sodium chloride) is cheap and melts the ice, but it can wreak havoc on plants—not to mention your poor dog’s

  • Trending on Remodelista: How to Achieve Casual Elegance in Your Home

    Some great tips this week from the Remodelista editors on how to achieve elegance in your home without sacrificing comfort. 1. Aim for artfulness over fussiness. 2. Go monochrome. 3. Scale down. Plus: 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Plywood High/Low: A Trio of Scandinavian-Style Modern Daybeds Kitchen of the Week: A Glamorous Kitchen Extension

  • Houseplant Disruptors: The Instant Jungle Courtesy of Bloomscape

    How to make living with plants extra-easy for urbanities? In an already overgrown industry, Justin Mast saw a new way in: fast, affordable delivery of mature potted specimens in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large. Mast is a fifth-generation plantsman: On his father’s side, his Rotterdam-born grandparents worked in greenhouses, and his mother comes from

  • The Humane Gardener: 4 Tips for Compassionate Landscaping, with Author Nancy Lawson

    What is humane gardening? According to Nancy Lawson, author of  The Humane Gardener: Nurturing a Backyard Habitat for Wildlife, it means going beyond “birds, bees, and butterflies.” As she writes: “Humane gardeners embody the ethic of compassionate landscaping, challenging long-held assumptions about animals, plants, and themselves.” So let’s start with an assumption about “wildlife gardening.”