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  • Hardscaping 101: Driveway Paving

    When designing a garden for a client, I consider every piece in the puzzle: the homeowner, the location of the house, the architecture, the current landscape, the hardscape—and the driveway. While a driveway may seem like an unglamorous aspect of the overall design (on a par with say, drainage), a driveway actually is one of

  • Gardening 101: Stipa Grasses

    Stipa Grass, Stipa: “Feather Dusters” Feather, needle, and spear. These grasses form the genus Stipa and they’re the ones you can count on to sway in the gentlest breeze. Adding Stipa to the landscape guarantees movement, refinement, and even calm. Just what everyone needs in the new year. More than 200 grasses comprise the Stipa

  • Trending on Remodelista: Small Spaces, Big Impact

    Lots of inspiration over on Remodelista this week for those who live in square-foot-challenged spaces or just love ingenious design. Plus: Studio Visit: Ceramic Statement Lighting by Dumais Made Off the Floor: 5 Surprising Wall-Mounted Storage Ideas for the Bathroom 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Organizing Your Refrigerator Portrait of an Artist: A Photographer’s

  • Lessons Learned: The Two Fatal Mistakes I Made with My Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

    I bought my first fiddle leaf fig tree at Home Depot more than five years ago, when my husband and I moved into our first (and current) house. After years of living in a small, light-challenged Brooklyn apartment that had just three windows, I was excited to be able to finally bring some greenery indoors.

  • Hardscaping 101: Cold Frames

    You don’t need a grand greenhouse to garden year round. A cold frame–which is essentially a warming hut for seeds and seedlings–can fend off frost to extend your growing season through the iciest months. Easy, economical, and space efficient, a cold frame deserves space in a sunny spot of every garden: What is a cold frame?

  • Garden Visit: At Home in Rhode Island with Painter Georgia Marsh

    If life imitates art, so too does the garden. At least in the case of artist Georgia Marsh’s home in Jamestown, RI. It is clear that Georgia approaches her garden with an artist’s keen sense of space, allowing stone walls and paths to define the various beds. She has no interest in highly cultivated gardens

  • Garden Design: Learning to Plant the Piet Oudolf Way

    A personal tour of Hummelo, the Netherlands home and famed garden of designer Piet Oudolf, would be pretty near the top of any keen gardener’s wish list. But this dream becomes a reality—albeit in a virtual sense—when you enroll at Learning With Experts, an online school where you can take courses with all manner of experts. Planting

  • 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Houseplants

    How complicated could it be to keep a houseplant alive? (This is the question you ask yourself in the plant shop when you buy your first succulent, cactus, fern, or fiddle-leaf fig tree.) Why didn’t anyone tell me how complicated it is to keep a houseplant alive? (This is the question you ask yourself a

  • Trending on Remodelista: 5 Japanese Design Ideas to Try in Your Own Home

    The theme over on on Remodelista this week was “Japanese Autumn,” with post after post on design classics, new and old, from the small country with a mighty design history. Here are five to consider: 1. Wooden Blinds 2. Noguchi Lamps 3. Hard-working Sinks 4. Donabe Clay Pots 5. Hinoki Tubs Plus: Japanese Laundry: Small-Space

  • 10 Garden Ideas to Steal from Germany

    Avant-garde ideas are met with less resistance in German gardens, perhaps because plant science is never far behind. Why do drifts of naturalistic perennials work so well in both public and private spaces? Because they have been clinically proven. There is also a wildness, particularly in Berlin, which our cities lack. “While there are many