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  • Current Obsessions: Design Icons

    From four botanical books to a natural wine pop-up, here are 13 things on our radar this weekend. “Is there art in a broomstick? Yes, says Manhattan’s Museum of Modern Art”. We’re planning a visit to The Value of Good Design, at MoMA through June 15. Among the highlights at NYCxDesign and ICFF (opening tomorrow), we’re looking […]

  • Trending on Remodelista: 5 Bold (Yet Tasteful) Ways to Add Color to Your Home

    We learned valuable lessons on Remodelista this week on how to use color in subtle yet surprising ways: 1. Practice restraint with bright hues. 2. Use muted colors in bold ways. 3. Paint a backsplash. 4. Commit to a strict two-toned palette. 5. Paint the furniture, not the walls. Plus: Expert Advice: 7 Oft-Neglected Storage […]

  • Steal This Look: A Big Green Egg, at Home in an English Garden

    For an object lesson on how to create a charming first garden on a tight budget, we take you to a small backyard in London’s Crofton Park neighborhood. There food writer Mina Holland and musician Freddie Denham-Webb have created an oasis in the city—complete with an American-style Big Green Egg grill. What prompted the American […]

  • DIY: Make Your Own Wildflower Seed Bombs

    Seed bombs are the main weapon guerrilla gardeners can use to spread flowers in bare spots, creating pockets of beauty and habitats for pollinators. Gardening without permission is another way of describing these activities: not strictly legal but filed away by the authorities under the category of “What’s not to like.” Alex Mitchell in her […]

  • Object of Desire: Moon Calendar for Gardeners

    Moon gardening is an age-old technique based on a simple idea: The gravitational pull of the earth affects water levels in the earth as well as in the oceans. Just as tides rise and fall as the moon waxes and wanes, so do levels of water underground (and even levels inside plants), the theory goes. […]

  • 9 Ways to Create Curb Appeal with Flowering Vines and Climbers

    Short of standing in front of the house with a plate of chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven, there is no more welcoming way to greet visitors than with a bower of flowers. Here are nine ways to use vines and climbers to create curb appeal. Hide a Problem If you have an ugly […]

  • A Room of One’s Own: Build This Backyard Studio (Sold on Amazon) in Just 8 Hours

    In the department of “What CAN’T You Buy on Amazon?”: With the click of a button and for as little as $3,000, you can can order a kit to build a one-room guest cottage in your backyard. (Just please don’t call it a “she shed.” Can we all agree that the term is terrible?) Amazon […]

  • Gardening 101: Clematis

    Clematis: “The Queen of Vines” People who love flowers pretty much agree on their adoration of the exuberant blooms of the clematis vine. What they (and seemingly everyone else in the world) definitely do not agree on is how to pronounce the name of this plant. I can attest that here in Brooklyn there is great […]

  • High/Low: Westport Chairs (The OG Adirondack Chairs)

    When you think of Adirondack chairs, you likely envision the type with sloped seat and multiple planks making up the back, the type that immediately telescopes rustic New England charm. The original Adirondack chair, though, designed by Thomas Lee and patented by his carpenter friend Harry Bunnell in 1905, is strikingly modern and Brutalist-like. According […]

  • The New Gravel Backyard: 10 Inspiring Landscape Designs

    We’ve pondered over our neglected backyard for years now. Our garden deserves more than a weed-filled lawn and a few patches of dirt. This year we hired a landscape architect to help put our ideas to paper, and now we’re finally ready to fix the landscape. The design is simple, manicured, and geometric; the 60-by-60-square-foot […]