Create a Beautiful Working Space

While at My Photo Home we want nothing more than to help you create your picture-perfect home, we also understand that there are many different kinds of living spaces. From relaxing bedrooms to stylish kitchens, there’s one other space you spend a lot of your time: the office.

Research has shown that people focus better in a tidy and clean environment than otherwise. I know this is true for us! 

So, it makes sense to design your office, whether it be in your home or at another location, to be stylish, comfortable, and practical. Why not do this with the professional with over 25 years of experience in the office furniture industry?

Today, we are highlighting Creative Office Design. Creative Office Design is based out of Orange County and not only do they cover your furniture supply needs, but they also offer design services for any office space. Utilizing their 3D design software, they can show you how beautiful your new set up will be in advance.

This is an example of one of our favorite set ups from their portfolio of design projects. You can see the minimalistic color scheme creating a professional and clean atmosphere. The room is balanced with the mirrored couches, coffee tables, and pillows. With the seating arrangements facing away from the cubicles, it creates a natural division between the two areas. 

It’s a lovely way of organizing the room and gives both patrons and employees space to be. We love the trees in the corner. They’re natural and they give the area an inviting sense. It really is a picture perfect room.

This is incredibly different from the previous example. It highlights the versatility of their design and supply services. 

The cubicles fit well into the space, giving each person room to get their work done. They’ve got style as well, with the curved lines and frosted dividers. It’s functional, yet pleasing to the eye. Once the area is filled with technology and papers, it would be a great space to work in. We can see ourselves being very productive there!

This cubicle design mixes the beauty and style of the first example with the practicality of the second one. The wood texture and glass dividers give it a homely feel, as well as letting the light filter in naturally from outside. You can see that this office space fits organically into its environment. While we love the previous two designs, we can’t imagine anything better for this particular space. 

As we mentioned in the beginning though, there are many kinds of office spaces. Creative Office Design will work with a variety of customers. They sell individual pieces that could fit into a single office, and they can help you pick out what you need, even if you are on a budget.

So whether you are looking for used office cubicles in Los Angeles or brand new furniture in Orange County, Creative Office Design will have exactly what you need. There are tons of design options and customizability that go with each of their furniture pieces, and they will work with you to make your office picture perfect.

Okay! That’s it for this highlight of Creative Office Design. We hope that we’ve inspired you to create a beautiful space to work in.

Creative Office Design

15440 Laguna Canyon Rd #120, Irvine, CA 92618

(714) 328-7627