“NoMow” Crying Over The Lawn

I used to care so much for my lawn. I’d even get my trimmers out to make sure everything was perfectly coiffed. A beautifully kept front lawn was my pride, joy, and favourite part our home. However, the upkeep costs started to stack up and I wasn’t sure I could keep spending so much money on my lawn. Home Advisor estimates the national average per lawn service to be $214 to $322!

My children love to play outside and they create quite a ruckus when they do. Eventually, it was wearing down the lawn and there were patches everywhere! I’d ask my children to be careful not to “hurt” the grass, to which they completely ignored as they didn’t quite understand what that meant. I’d have to remind them to not leave their toys lying around, or else the grass would die.

The more I’d tried to fix it, the more frustrated I’d get. Soon, I became so stressed out about keeping the lawn in tact that I didn’t enjoy looking at it anymore. I was distraught that my children couldn’t enjoy the lawn without hearing my nagging and pleading.

I was so fed up that all of my care and effort toward the lawn was simply not resulting in beautiful grass all year round. The grass kept dying or getting damaged, and it felt like I was wasting so much time and energy trying to save it!

In addition, we weren’t able to walk on the grass. We’d have to scoot ourselves around the grass in order to avoid stepping on it. We would have to awkwardly ask our guests not to step on the lawn when they visited us. It was so embarrassing and such a hassle to remind everyone constantly!

I even considered planting new grass entirely. However, I realized that our region doesn’t have the right type of soil that is best for growing grass. As you can imagine, I was at my wit’s end with frustration!

I finally had enough. I knew that if I didn’t want to keep crying over my ugly lawn, it was time for me to look for artificial grass that could be both durable and beautiful.

You can imagine my sadness when I started thinking about how much I’d miss real grass. I thought that there was probably no way to keep the lawn looking fresh all year round. It seemed impossible. Was I ever going to find artificial turf that felt and looked like real grass in Orange County?

Beige Bungalow House

Through tears and frustration, I picked up the phone and called a local company, NoMow Turf, and set up an installation with them. As they rolled out the turf, I was stunned. It looked exactly like the photos on their website. I thought that the photos had probably been photoshopped, but here it was, in front of my own eyes!

It looked stunning. You can imagine my joy and relief when I realized that I was going to finally get the lawn of my dreams. Moreover, I could finally enjoy my lawn and live my life.

My kids can finally run around all they want. They can leave as many toys as they want lying around, and I won’t have to nag anyone about it! Our family can finally walk and sit on our lawn without feeling like we are damaging our grass.

If you want to spend less time fussing over your lawn and more time enjoying it, I highly recommend you give NoMow Turf a call!

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