• Party Recipe: 3 Cheese Sausage Stuffed Jalapenos

    For an easy and flavorful holiday party appetizer with a little bit of heat, try these 3 Cheese Sausage Stuffed Jalapenos! They're made with ground Italian sausage, Asiago, Parmesan, and cream cheese and then The post Party Recipe: 3 Cheese Sausage Stuffed Jalapenos first appeared on Better Living.

  • Exploring the Finest Scotch Whiskeys with Bruichladdich

    Bruichladdich is a progressive distillery known for its experimentation with recipes and processes. They produce both unpeated and peated single malt Scotch whiskeys challenging the The post Exploring the Finest Scotch Whiskeys with Bruichladdich first appeared on Better Living.


  • How We Decorated Our New House For The Holidays*

    *Aka, the moment I’ve been waiting for since, oh, the day we moved in. There’s something extra special to me about decorating a house for your first holiday season spent there. It’s right up there with seeing whatever pops up outside during your first spring at a new house (I basically scream out the window like I’m the announcer at a football game: “over on the left it’s A PATCH OF DAFFODILS! NOBODY SAW THAT COMING!!” But back to our holiday house tour. It’s looking very sweet & festive around here. Since this move also involved some serious downsizing & simplifying (last week John shared an update on that), it promised to be an interesting exercise in what would go where in our smaller home. As you heard on the podcast a while back, we donated our beloved Christmas tree AFTER squeezing it into the pod and getting it all the way here, because we realized that such a wide tree (it had a 5’5″ base – so it was THICK) didn’t really have a spot that it could be set up in a single room of our house that wouldn’t severely impede the flow of things. Continue reading How We Decorated Our New House For The Holidays* at Young House Love.

  • Has Downsizing Been What We Expected?

    Believe it or not, we’ve lived in our new house for over six months now. Half a year! So we thought this would be a good time to check in on some of the goals we had for moving and downsizing to see what has met and exceeded our expectations – along with detailing some of the biggest challenges we’ve encountered along the way. This is going to be long & detailed, because it feels like there’s a lot of ground to cover, and while this rundown will be pretty specific to our situation, I think it’ll still give you a good window into the realities of downsizing that you might also encounter if you were to go for it. And yes, it includes money details. And a chart. You know I love charts. To Recap, Why Did We Move? We’ve got a thorough explanation of our reasons for moving from Virginia to Florida in this post from February. Continue reading Has Downsizing Been What We Expected? at Young House Love.

  • Holiday Gift Guides For Everyone On Your List (With Stuff Under $15, and even $9)

    This year we got our gift guide post up a lot sooner than usual, because we’re highlighting tons of small makers and Black-owned businesses that we love, and we want to give those shops as much lead time as possible (heck, large stores seem to need more lead time than ever these days too). We also included a handful of tried & true items from larger companies that we’ve bought and loved (like a favorite tool or family game). There’s stuff for grown-ups, kids, and a ton of budget-friendly ideas that are under $20, and even under $10 that would be great for teachers, neighbors, coworkers, or white elephant exchanges! Gifts For Grown-Ups Here’s what we’re loving, either firsthand items that we’ve personally bought and enjoyed – or things that we’re getting for friends & family (or hoping to find under the tree ourselves). This plant lover’s doormat makes me laugh so hard ($52) We’re eying this favorite daughter t-shirt for all three of John’s sisters ($24) John & the kids got me two surprise mail-order plants like this for Mother’s Day (this pothos & this fern) and they’re still going strong (from $25) Santa is bringing me Bobbi’s black & white earrings & I’m THRILLED ($45) We own and love this wave basket which works as a large tray for magazines on a table or you can hang it on the wall as large textural art! Continue reading Holiday Gift Guides For Everyone On Your List (With Stuff Under $15, and even $9) at Young House Love.

  • How We Added Some Much-Needed Storage To Our Smaller Home

    Downsizing from 3200 square feet to 1400 means storage is a big deal to us these days, and a couple of weeks ago we got two major upgrades in that department. We still have some “hacking” to do to the simple Ikea cabinets that we bought, but we’re stupidly giddy over just having them assembled and installed. They basically add up to 8 more large cabinets worth of storage – and our kitchen only has 7 cabinets, so the excitement was palpable when those flat-packed boxes arrived (they had about a 4 week wait time, but otherwise delivery was smooth and uneventful for those wondering how the ordering experience was during this time period). ottomans | similar woven bench | TV | media cabinet / blue basket next to TV They make a HUGE difference in how much we can store – literally, it’s like we added a closet… except it’s in the form of three different large cabinets around the house. Continue reading How We Added Some Much-Needed Storage To Our Smaller Home at Young House Love.