• Five Quick & Easy Updates To Our Kitchen

    Quick note: if you missed the update to last week’s post that went up a few days after it was originally published, you can catch up on that here. When we moved in one of the subcontractors said they’d been wondering why we didn’t tear out the old cabinets and mismatched appliances and pink laminate counters and redo the kitchen before we moved in. But if you’ve followed us for a while, you know the answer. We like to live with a kitchen for a nice long time before changing the layout or doing any major upgrades like replacing the cabinets or counters (in our last house we waited three years for our big renovation). Actually living somewhere for a while to figure out what we like & find functional/useful versus trying to guess how we *think* we’re going to use a space in the early days of a new home just feels a lot less like a shot in the dark. Continue reading Five Quick & Easy Updates To Our Kitchen at Young House Love.

  • How We Painted A Colorful Abstract Wall Mural (UPDATED!)

    Last week we showed you how most of our daughter’s room has come together so far, and today we’ve got all the details about one wall that you didn’t see – along with an update to this post as it originally appeared because there was a second phase of the mural inspired by our ten-year-old just a few days after publishing this! So we took some updated pictures & added the details below for you. It was one of the most fun and impactful painting projects we’ve done in a while. And it was extremely budget-friendly too. As you saw in last week’s post, we were able to vault the ceilings in this room (this was not a structural change – the roof always sloped like this, we just removed what was essentially a drywall drop-ceiling and extended this room up where a formerly empty attic space was – adding insulation behind the plank & beams that follow the roofline). Continue reading How We Painted A Colorful Abstract Wall Mural (UPDATED!) at Young House Love.

  • How To Make A DIY Channel Tufted Headboard (& How Our Daughter’s Room Is Coming Along)

    After using our favorite method to make a simple headboard for our son’s room last week, we actually had enough leftover materials to try out a new trick in our daughter’s room – which yielded a completely free headboard for her. Three cheers for $0 projects, right? Especially since she helped us settle on the design and make it, so it’s not only cozy to lean back on (you know that function is my love language), but she’s also super into the finished result because she had a hand in it. Literally. Before we dive into that how-to, we realized you haven’t seen how her room has shaped up since we moved in. In case you forgot, it looked like this when we first saw the house. Just like with our son’s room, we discovered we could vault the ceilings to make the room feel more spacious (there was nothing but an empty attic above this room and the roof always sloped this way – so nothing structural had to happen). Continue reading How To Make A DIY Channel Tufted Headboard (& How Our Daughter’s Room Is Coming Along) at Young House Love.

  • DIY Headboard + Custom Bookshelf = Cozy Built-in Kids Bed

    Now that we’ve checked off the basic needs in each of our bedrooms (you know like beds, window coverings, clothing storage, etc), we’ve shifted our focus towards… adding even more function (hello, I’m John “Practical” Petersik). Last week we shared the current state of our bedroom and today we have a few projects that we did to make our son’s room work a lot harder for him. twin bed with built-in drawers / frame / fabric baskets / brass doorknob We still have some plans to bring in more color, pattern, and fun – but things have definitely gotten a lot comfier & more convenient in here in the past few weeks. light fixture / bed / frame / similar rug For reference, this is what his room looked like when we first laid eyes on the house back in February. Continue reading DIY Headboard + Custom Bookshelf = Cozy Built-in Kids Bed at Young House Love.