• 23 Apple Dessert Recipes You Need To Make This Fall

    We've rounded up 23 deliciously scrumptious apple desserts ranging from traditional to unique please just about every palette. So next time you want to whip up something sweet The post 23 Apple Dessert Recipes You Need To Make This Fall first appeared on Better Living.

  • Fall Popcorn Bark

    A chocolate treat that's super easy to make, this fall inspired bark is decked out with popcorn, pumpkin seeds, pecans maple crystals, hemp seeds, dried fruits and a sprinkle of The post Fall Popcorn Bark first appeared on Better Living.


  • Our Front Porch: Big Plans & Even Bigger Plants

    It has been about five months since we first introduced you to the outside of our house. That was our very first week of living here, and our outdoor spaces have been getting a lot of use ever since. You’ve already seen how our second-story deck has come together, so today we wanted to update you on our front porch as well as the covered area that we call the side porch and some new landscaping that we’ve added too. We’ve made some functional and organizational improvements, some strictly aesthetic enhancements, and have some other upgrades that are still in the works. So won’t you join us on the front porch? Here’s how it’s looking these days: house numbers | white plant pots | porch light | similar woven egg chair | similar blue-green planter This next picture was a photo from back in May, when it was basically just our existing furniture and a couple of plants plopped down to make the space feel occupied. Continue reading Our Front Porch: Big Plans & Even Bigger Plants at Young House Love.

  • How We Installed A Stair Runner

    Sherry recently hinted on Instagram Stories that we were up to our old staple-coloring antics. And by that I mean we were installing another stair runner (admittedly one of the less popular definitions of “antics”). But after installing one in our old house 7 years ago it has become one of our favorite projects – just because we truly believe anyone can do it, and whatever runner you choose can give you a totally different look (and a nice grip underfoot, but more on that functional upgrade in a minute). Why We Wanted A Stair Runner Before we get into the “how” of adding this runner, let’s talk about the “why.” We’re not people who automatically default to covering our stairs. At our beach house, for instance, we decided against a runner because the original wood was so charming. We eventually did add some temporary stick-on runner treads to help our chihuahua, Burger, navigate the stairs more easily (we used this removable tape to hold them down, and it came up cleanly later when we sold the house). Continue reading How We Installed A Stair Runner at Young House Love.

  • A Colorful Planked Wall Treatment For Our Son’s Room

    Hoo boy, today’s post has all the good stuff: murder, mystery, INTRIGUE! Just kidding it actually has none of that. But it does have a riveting step-by-step tutorial that involves ten test pots of paint and a whole lot of lattice. So let’s get right into how we created this colorful wood wall treatment in our son’s room. Last time you saw this room in July, we had installed this easy upholstered headboard and built-in bookshelf. It made his room so much more functional (and extra cozy), but we mentioned that we were all looking forward to adding some more color & personality in there for him over time – especially on that wall at the foot of his bed which, because we vaulted the ceilings in here, is over 9 feet tall. After we added this large colorful wall mural to our daughter’s tallest wall, our son became even more eager to have something bold and fun in his room too. Continue reading A Colorful Planked Wall Treatment For Our Son’s Room at Young House Love.

  • Our Low-Maintenance, Multi-Function Deck Space

    In addition to our 1400 square feet of indoor space, we’re lucky that our house also has some pretty great outdoor spaces – including a large second-story deck off of our family room. Having all of this bonus living space up in the trees has quickly become one of the “rooms” we’re most thankful for, and you’ll see why in this post. outdoor armchairs | striped outdoor pillows | similar outdoor sofa | coffee table | dining table | black dining chairs It was raining when we bought the house back in February so we didn’t spend much time out here, but you may remember this before photo that we shared along with all of the exterior before & afters back in May. You know, before we painted the house and replaced all of the rotting deck boards with Trex and those shaky old railings with new not-shaky ones (more on those updates here). Continue reading Our Low-Maintenance, Multi-Function Deck Space at Young House Love.