• Episode 71: Better Versions of Old Favorites

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  • A Fall Welcome | Letter from the Editor

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  • Greek Yogurt, Spinach and Artichoke Mac & Cheese

    I love to eat Greek yogurt as a healthy and satisfying afternoon snack with some walnuts and a little drizzle of honey or fresh fruit. But Greek yogurt isn’t just a quick tasty snack or easy breakfast. It’s also a The post Greek Yogurt, Spinach and Artichoke Mac & Cheese first appeared on Better Living.

  • Light & Buttery Lavender Cookies

    Perfect with your afternoon coffee or tea, this easy lavender-infused shortbread cookie recipe even makes a lovely edible DIY gift for the lavender lover. The post Light & Buttery Lavender Cookies first appeared on Better Living.


  • Befores, Afters, and Sources For Our Current House… So Far, At Least

    We had other plans for this week’s post, but then Hurricane Sally made her way ever-so-slowly through the gulf and gave us a few solid days of rain, rain, and more rain. Thankfully it was nothing more than that (no power lost, and no flooding for us), which has us feeling incredibly grateful – and we hope everyone who was more directly affected is safe and their homes are ok. Since we couldn’t take the outdoor photos we had planned for an exterior update this week, we realized we should build two blog pages that had been sorely missing for the last, oh, four months. So to everyone who has been asking for those, we finally made them! First, we’ve got a brand-spankin’ new Before & After page for our house here in Florida. Click HERE to see it. “After” may be a bit presumptuous since none of our spaces have reached what we believe will be their “absolute final stages” (it has only been 4 months!) but they’ve all come so far – and we have to admit that they feel extremely good to us already! Continue reading Befores, Afters, and Sources For Our Current House… So Far, At Least at Young House Love.

  • How Our Fireplace Makeover Plan Got Squashed (And How We Pivoted)

    If you’ve followed along for a while you’ve seen our bedroom fireplace get a few updates over on Instagram Stories, but today we’re telling the whole sordid tale of how our update ideas recently veered off-course (and how we ended up at Plan B when Plan A went bust). Last time you saw it on the blog, it looked a little something like this: similar stools |art | frame for art | similar rug | similar pot | wheeled plant stand But we should rewind for a second. It was pretty bleak looking when we first started Operation Revive The Fireplace. There was a bunch of dried glue and gunk leftover from some tiles that had once covered the surround (not to mention a rusty screen and general grime). But Sherry had that look in her eye that said “don’t second guess me, this is going to work” and after nearly a decade and a half of marriage I have learned not to question this look. Continue reading How Our Fireplace Makeover Plan Got Squashed (And How We Pivoted) at Young House Love.

  • How We Store Everything In Our Much Smaller Kitchen

    Last week we shared how we painted our cabinets, and today we’re taking you through the whole shebang of how they’re organized. This kitchen has around one 25% of the cabinetry/storage of our last one – and even we were a little nervous about how we’d adapt to significantly less countertop & cabinetry – but the spoiler alert is that it has been great! We can store everything we need and use – and things are pretty easy to grab (no digging behind a bunch of items to find something). So if you’ve been curious about this particular aspect of downsizing – or just like peeking inside other people’s cabinets – this post is for you. You might describe our last kitchen as gargantuan compared to this one – we definitely would! It had a huge ten foot island with storage on three sides as well as perimeter cabinets on all four walls! Continue reading How We Store Everything In Our Much Smaller Kitchen at Young House Love.

  • Our Freshly Painted Mauve Kitchen Cabinets (And A Trick For Using Hidden Hinges)

    I never thought I would use the word “mauve” and “fresh” in the same sentence, but here we are. As you saw in our last kitchen post, we decided to embrace the existing counters and go for a tone-on-tone look for Phase One – just because why the heck not?! When else do you get mauve counters to work with? Note: you can read more on why we prefer to make smaller updates & live with the kitchen we have for a nice long time (versus gutting it right away) here. pendant light / similar table / kitchen chairs / similar basket tray / cabinet hardware After doing five quick & easy updates to our kitchen that made a pretty big difference a few weeks back, we knew that painting the old chipping cabinets would also really go a long way in making this room feel a lot less worn out. Continue reading Our Freshly Painted Mauve Kitchen Cabinets (And A Trick For Using Hidden Hinges) at Young House Love.