• Cinnamon Baked Pears with Elderberry Whipped Cream and Manuka Honey

    This delicious and elegant plant-based dessert combines the goodness of organic, antioxidant rich elderberries, Mānuka honey, and pears. It's so easy to make too. Get the recipe now! The post Cinnamon Baked Pears with Elderberry Whipped Cream and Manuka Honey first appeared on Better Living.

  • Hot Cocktail Recipe: Scottish Coffee

    On a cold winter’s night there’s nothing like a hot and boozy cocktail to help you wind down and warm your bones. A popular one for many is the Irish Coffee, but we're going to shake things up a bit by The post Hot Cocktail Recipe: Scottish Coffee first appeared on Better Living.


  • A Loveseat For The Sitting Room

    A bunch of you got a sneak peek at this change thanks to Instagram Stories right after the holidays, but here’s a quick update about the new loveseat we got and what the sitting room is looking like these days. We got the loveseat on Overstock, and of course now it’s out of stock – but I did find it here and here in the darker color (ours is the “light gray” one). So far we’re loving it, and it really went a long way in making the whole area feel like a legitimate hangout space. It’s also super comfy, which is really what matters (and you know this post is going to have some John & Sherry for scale pics). ottomans / loveseat / rug / chairs / art by Teil Duncan / gold frames / coffee table / lamp / side table We mentioned in our post a month ago about the evolution of our sitting room area that we’d love to get some larger seating, like a loveseat for the wall below. Continue reading A Loveseat For The Sitting Room at Young House Love.

  • Updating A Covered Porch With Floor Paint & A Hanging Tent

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned about living here, it’s that we do a ton of living outside. Between each at-home learning break the kids are out there running around, we make s’mores at our fire pit every week or so, we sit on our front porch and watch the neighborhood dogs go by, and we often eat or hang out on the second-floor deck (we even work on our laptops up there on especially nice days – which is where I’m writing this post right now). We can really feel the house working extra hard for us thanks to the location/climate (good weather definitely encourages us to be outside a lot), but also due to having so many great outdoor areas for us to enjoy (we had no idea how awesome an upstairs deck would be, but boy do we appreciate having it!). Another pretty fortunate occurrence is that a lot of these outdoor areas just needed one or two simple updates to go from “things we used to walk by” to “a spot that gets used every day.” Like this covered porch… You last saw it in this post about our house’s exterior updates (there’s also this more recent exterior post) – and it sat pretty much unused for the last 8 months until we realized it was the perfect spot to hang a big hanging tent that we got for the kids for the holidays. Continue reading Updating A Covered Porch With Floor Paint & A Hanging Tent at Young House Love.

  • How We Built An Easy Modern Fireplace Mantel… Just In Time For Stockings!

    We mentioned in this year’s holiday decorating post that we wanted to get some sort of fireplace mantel built this month and, well, Santa delivered! ::pats self on back:: art | frame for art | rug | ottoman |chairs | crystal fireplace logs | storage cabinets | curtains | rods | large light blue vase Yes, setting a goal to have a place for hanging our kids’ stockings is a little random, but we were happy to have the motivation to check this project off our list sooner rather than later. If you recall, our fireplace looked like this when we moved in: Here’s a wider shot of that area right after we got here, just for kicks. Ah, those packing blankets as curtains are #MEMORIES. So yeah… it feels good to be here: Sherry did some work to freshen it up over the summer, like scraping and painting the black surrounded and lightening up the interior brick with paint. Continue reading How We Built An Easy Modern Fireplace Mantel… Just In Time For Stockings! at Young House Love.

  • Our Kitchen & Sitting Area, Six Months In

    *We updated this post to add additional pics & a video, so if you see something here that you don’t remember when you first read it, that’s why. You’re not going crazy ;) We shared this space three weeks after we moved in and now we’re back with a six month update. Much like we said in that first post, we have some long term plans for this room, so this is just what it looks like as of this moment in time (I highly recommend photographing rooms to see how they evolve because it’s so much fun to look back on). Since that three-weeks-in post, we did a series of inexpensive updates that have really made this room so comfortable and useful for our family (first we made these 5 small changes, then we painted the cabinets, and here’s a post about how our much smaller kitchen is organized for anyone who likes to peek behind cabinet doors & drawers like me). Continue reading Our Kitchen & Sitting Area, Six Months In at Young House Love.